DIALPRO - Web Based Predictive Dialer for Call Centers

DialPro is an open source web based predictive dialer system based on CentOS. Focused to be a full call center suite system that just works. It automatically installs Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, VtigerCRM and other open source dialer components to have a fully functional system. An open source dialer distribution that rocks.

Major Features:

  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
  • Web-based agent and system administration
  • Ability to have agents operate remotely
  • Integrated call recording
  • Integrated web based VtigerCRM
  • Three-Way calling within the agent application
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Scalable to hundreds of seats
  • Full USA, UK and Canada call compliance
  • Ability to use standard Telco lines and VOIP trunks
  • Out of the box support for Sangoma and Digium cards